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On August 2nd, there was an article published in the Denver Post written by Catherine Henderson under the title of "Looking for Something to Read" . In this article, she described bookstores in Denver, and of course we were not mentioned, even though we have been selling books in the Northwest Highlands, Denver for almost 27 years. So we sent her an email on August 3rd:

Hello Ms. Henderson,

In your August 2 article, Looking for something to read?, you did not mention our bookstore, 32nd Avenue Books, Toys & Gifts. In September, we will have 27 years serving the community. Why were we omitted?


Her response:

Of course, thank you for reaching out! For this article, we got in contact with a handful of bookstores to turn it around with the deadline, and I'm so sorry we missed you. It's my editor's birthday today so she's not working, but I can follow up tomorrow and ask about including you in the online article. 

My apologies!


At the moment of the this publication we have not heard from Catherine. August 10, 2020


32nd Avenue Books Toys & Gifts supports the  ME TOO MOVEMENT.

I also understand that abuse by predators is not only sexual but could also be emotional and economical, and not only perpetrated by men.

 When I have said NO! I have been judged negatively, as though I have done something wrong. 

Sound familiar?

As a woman who owns a business I know how hard it is to fight against predators, as do many other women.

Predatory actions will not be allowed in our location. NO means NO!


Our only presence on the web is this website. Anything else is fraudulent!